08-03-2016 Agenda

  • Location: LMN (2400 W. St Joseph)
  • When: 08-03-2016 @ 8:00pm

Meeting Agenda

  • Approval of June minutes
  • Treasurer's Report
  • President's Report
Old Business
  • Approval of 50% match to purchase gas forge, up to $300 ($600 total including match). Alex will teach intro classes on forging.
  • Approval of up to $2,000 for installation of sub-panel for wood/metal. Covers permit, consultations w/ licensed electrician, materials, Donations for materials would be sought before expending funds.
  • Approval check to Al Hooper for Temple repairs estimate ($6,400). Additional costs are likely once final work is completed.
  • Elections Process. Jody and Rose's board positions are up for election in August (this month).