LMN – Board Meeting, May 25, 2016

  1. Open 7:12pm
  2. Approval of tentative Agenda
  3. Approved March Minutes, as posted
  4. Treasurers Report
    1. Back to April, net positive
      1. Includes some donation for Temple problems
    2. Need help on membership portal and acural
    3. $20725 balance as of today
    4. Annual Dir/Officer Insurance payment of approx. $680 is due.
  5. President Report
    1. K12 junk yard wars, Becky Palmer Scott works with LSD STEM
      1. Kids activity at ScrapeFest.
    2. Temple Repair Quote
  6. Laser Repair
    1. Add Milli-Amp
    2. Needs to have some test runs to compare against past.
    3. Fixed Loose Lense repaired.
    4. Still has Problem with Burn Blow thru
    5. Spread sheet
      1. number replacement costs of basic optics, plus long cut lenses
      2. number for upgrade tube to 80W and optics and supply.
    6. Discussion of plans
    7. Approved $500 for Plan A, minus Tube, and add Watt meter and hour meter
  7. Space Beautification Day
    1. Prior plan
    2. Need budget.
      1. Kitchen area
      2. Member storage
      3. Estimate $500 for both
    3. Need to determine what improvements would help with new membership
      1. Whose curb appeal is do we appeal to?
      2. Suggest that we want our space to have a look and feel of “Intentional” and thought out.
    4. Add Artsy things that are more intentional items.
      1. Like art outside.
      2. Fresh paint art like things
    5. Need it improve outside entry way
      1. Anti-weed
      2. Picnic table
    6. Proposed
      1. $1000 over the year for working group to plan
    7. Signage
      1. Need to ask land lord about signs
    8. Lot Light
      1. Flaga to follow up with BWL.
  8. Temple Club repair
    1. Talk to Al about $6400, with terms to close end any liability
      1. Talk to Kenal about possibly drafting terms
    2. Approved said quoted $6400 releasing funds.
  9. Upcoming events
    1. Scrape Fest
      1. Possibly having both with Becky Palmer Scott’s project
    2. Summer workshop series
      1. Goal to be Free
      2. Low material cost
      3. Repurposing theme
      4. Get funding
    3. A2A MF
    4. DMF
    5. BNMF
  10. Adjourned
  11. 8:30pm