Meeting Minutes

Location: LMN (502 E. Grand River Ave., 48906) When: 09-21-2015 @ 7:00pm

Present: Jody, Mike, Carl, Joe, Brian, Cliff. Missing: Rose Jerry and Steve from How to Halloween

How to Halloween Jerry and Steve

Whole week before the show, Monday till as late as we want. Agenda: Friday Oct 2nd: - Media Event - Hope to get Impression 5, get school to come over - Free Kids Day. - Setup by Thursday night.

Saturday Oct 3rd: - Event is from 11:00am to 5:00pm - Costume Contests:

  1. Zombie, Master, Novice, Adult and Kid

1000 people through last year. Hopping for more.

Purchase soldering Kits? [M. Flaga] Brian: Max 50 kits? Admission Price: $6 - Cost Recovery.

Cliff: Mad Scientist Box. Cardboard, parts, glue etc.

Design circuit board kit for next year, with robot pumpkin kit.

Laser Maze… mirrors and fog machine

Brian to get text to Jerry and Steve, Wednesday by 5 LED Safety Light

Agenda approved (no objections)


Treasurer's Report

[C. Raymond]

Laser cutter donation $985(in hand) + 200(Nick pledged) New member: Kevin D. Dues collection went reasonably well. Bank balance: $18167.65

President's Report

[B. Adams] Talk more in funding for upcoming things: Maker week a series of workshops cad/cam workshop, all workshops will be here. Mike to offer soldering and Arduino workshop (90 minutes) or (2 25minutes) All will be eventbright signups

makerweek October 5th - 11th

Space Committee Report

[J. Applegate] Went there today. New roof. good chunk was pulled back. Looks like a patch job. Still some water on the floor. looks like they swept up the mud. Mold on some drywall. Jody to talk to Alan about the mold. (2' x 4' section) Alan is hopeful for October 1st. Ducting and Door should be what's left. Brian: Jody to to ask to meet Alan at the space to create a punch list. Permit's are still on the window. Reasonable 1 month for the move plus 3 weeks for build out. Need to discuss when we start paying rent.

Laser Cutter Purchase Update

[J. Zimmerman / B. Adams] Purchase will be made tonight.

WiFi Infrastructure Update

[J. Zimmerman] Action Item: Order more usb dongles.

New Business

  • Approve Previous Minutes [B. Adams]
    • Approved (no objections)
  • Space Plan B discussion, and propose an action committee. [J. Zimmerman]
    • Discussion about deadline.
    • Cliff: 3-5 months anyhow.
    • Cliff offering 30×40 space for parking 3-4 months.
    • winter here, dynamic heat range messed up equipment. 3d printer, laser cutter
    • inquiry about spaces would be fine.
  • Hunt for a new secretary. [Unclaimed]
    • Brian to draft up duties
  • Discuss funding and purchasing of up front materials for solder classes for these upcoming events: [M. Flaga]
    • How to Halloween Sat Oct 3
      • action item above. figure out what to buy, and buy it.
    • ITEC Makey Day mid Oct TBD
      • makey day
      • ITEC to buy materials.
        • Mike suggesting Blinky throweys
        • $200 for a big bag full.
    • B&N Mini Maker Faire at Malls Nov 6-8.
      • Mike emailed, has not heard back.
        • blinky throws, soldering class?
    • Lansing Maker Week Oct 5-11
      • workshops discussed above.
    • Pumkin Carvin at the Space.
      • do this at ITEC this year instead of at LMN? Or Kathy to determine when to have it here.
      • maybe solicit dropping off of 100 pumpkins
      • ask ITEC to make the call for donations.

Meeting adjured at 9:24pm