08-17-2015 Agenda

Location: LMN (502 E. Grand River Ave., 48906)

When:8-17-2015 @ 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7:12 Present: Joe Zimmerman (Director), Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Brian Adams (President), Jody Applegate (Director), Penney Hughes (Secretary), Jerry Fahner (Member); Rose Canino-Koning (Director)and Cliff Bohm (Director) were absent for this meeting.

agenda approved

Meeting Agenda


Treasurer's Report

Raymond reported no new income and no unusual expenses. Our bank balance is $18,846.

President's Report

Adams met with Tony Willis from LEAP last week about working on new Lansing PROTO program. LEAP is selecting admissions for an inventor/entrepreneurial program. LEAP wants to purchase LMN memberships for that program. Only three people will be in the program at time. Let's consider a more involved membership for the PROTO candidates. We can create workshops to address the specific needs of the candidates. Let's look into pairing the candidates with a LMN mentor–possibly a paid position.

Space Committee Report

Roofing contractor supposed to start this week. No new info on looking into alternate spaces. Optimistically, we might begin to move in September 1. Action item: Adams to set up meeting with bank to see what it would take to buy building.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes unanimously approved.

Budget Request for Purchase of Laser Cutter

We propose to make a purchase decision based on the recommendation from the Laser Cutter Workgroup. We will continue with an initiative to request funding from our partners. Any addition funds beyond the approved budget can be directed to a tiered recommendation from the Workgroup. Items for further consideration. Sending a survey to members and non members and partners such as LEAP. Charging nonmembers to use laser cutter; other spaces report success with a fee system. Budget Request unanimously approved.

The request is to address issues with network connectivity. We would like to buy routers, maybe USB wireless hubs, and other network equipment.

Budget Request unanimously approved.

Approval of Reimbursement Request for Laser Cutter Items in Budget Line Equipment:Equipment Maintenance

This approval would be an exception to the policy we would like to implement. Future requests should be in advance of purchase.

Budget Request approved by present officers and directors with the except of Applegate

Action Item:

Raymond will write and deliver a check. Adams will write up proposal clarifying process for member purchases/reimbursals.

Recruit New Secretary

Discussed ideas for recruiting new candidate and items needed from current secretary.

Action items:

Applegate will text a possible candidate. Canino-Koning will review the potential volunteers for possible candidates. Membership at large can nominate candidates. Hughes write up a job description/manual and add it to the Wiki. Adams will be drafting new directors expectations proposal, including attendance expectations for workgroups for adopting. Adams will send out message to the group.

ITEC Makey Makey

ITEC wants to partner putting on a program involving the Makey Makey device. They want to hosting an event in September at Foster Community Center. They have sent us some meeting dates. We will send further information on this program to the membership.

Action items:

Adams, Flaga and Raymond will go.

adjourned 7:59