07-20-2015 Agenda

Location: LMN (502 E. Grand River Ave., 48906)

When: 07-20-2015 @ 7:00pm

Meeting called to order at 7:14 Present: Joe Zimmerman (Director), Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Brian Adams (President), Cliff Bohm (Director), Jody Applegate (Director), Tim Schmidt (Member), Penney Hughes (Secretary); Rose Canino-Koning (Director) was absent for this meeting.

Meeting Agenda


Treasurer's Report

[C. Raymond]

Treasure reports updated from January-June. We are looking at separating operating expenses and other expenses.

Our current budget is accurate. We had a very good spring, primarily due to donations.

if there are any questions please post to the members list.

President's Report

[B. Adams]

Nothing specific outside of new business.

Space Committee Report

[J. Applegate]

Applegate sent out update on the state of the new space today to the members list.

New Business

Approve Previous Minutes

[B. Adams]

agenda approved

Update new member procedures to include giving a copy of the Lockout Tagout procedures tri-fold

(also teach other board members how to do that) [J. Zimmerman]

Membership Application found here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7VjqKcdj6ztdUtnek1ZakhyVGM/edit

Membership Orientation Checklist found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vh1xOZOeKOPtyR7lMEYNTpN8Mw93cxSoa37uDRdaH2E/edit

Member registry / Member welcome message

[J. Zimmerman]

How do we know who is a member?

Current status is Adams sends out a welcome and requests the member send out an email to introduce themselves.

Some additional ideas were floated–A more uniform welcome message; a members board, ID cards which may be able to be used for discounts; send out a welcome packet which includes FAQs; directions added to the membership form for anyone signing up new members; individuals who sign up new members get Square card readers which could be put on retractable cords or ball chain–then we would know who signed them up and took the payment.

Working group proposed.

=== Action items: === Joe will update on the wiki

Create working group (Applegate, Adams, Raymond, Zimmerman).

Leasing tools, purchasing member tools, etc.

[J. Zimmerman]would

We are OK with tool sales. We need to review our current paperwork, always make sure are market price and do not appear to unduly benefit seller.

What happens with member items used but broken? Any serious damage may need to be worked out with those that caused it.

What procedure do we have for reporting tool needing fixed. We should contact zone warden. We need to work out concept of zone warden further and maybe give them a budget too. Currently, items can be approved for purchase if already in budget.

Further Zone Warden issues to be detirmined:

What might be fair sharing for classes might be? 50% ?

How much power/decision making authority should they have?

Should there be compensation 4 Zone wardens?

Will they be responsible for safety procedures?

=== Action Item: === Zimmerman will draft tool replacement guidelines

Fellowship Fund

[J. Zimmerman]

Adams: The idea for the Fellowship Fund went out to membership today.

Thank you to Adams for helping to fund this idea.

We need to determine the guidelines around income vs tax free donation. Guidelines for what the recipient needs to do when receiving the scholarship, such as documentation or new Makerspace project.

We need to discuss how to fund parts that may be needed for new project.

We could get additional fund by requesting sponsorship for them.

Membership has the right to vote on it. We need to hear back from them.

Purchasing new tools. (Laser cutter) Crowdfunded vs LMN contributions etc.

[J. Zimmerman]

The current laser cutter gets a lot of use. Can we get another? How big–maybe two smaller laser cutters are best for current usage. What can LMN afford? Maybe we should be waiting until the new space to determine whether we have facilities?

Ideally would like own all of our key tools and have a budget for a new 3d printer every year. How much can we afford?

Requesting sponsorship or crowdfunding may broaden our possibilities for second laser cutter.

=== Action Items: === Adams and Raymond will research what needs to be done and what other spaces have done.

Bohm will identify price points for the laser cutter.

Working group needs to share info with membership.

Working group needs to ask membership–what are your using for & what do you need, possibly send survey.

Move in date for new space & whether we want to pursue alternative prior to cold weather

[J. Zimmerman]

There are no legal issues for failing to rent the new space. Al has suggested he will give us as long as needed to get out of space. We should start looking for alternative since the space we have been waiting for is taking so long.

Some of the issues that need to be looked into–How much do we need to pay a Realtor? Look at numbers for renting vs buying; catalog pitfalls & hidden charges (triple net, ie, a portion share of taxes charged to commercial renters,) maintenance, insurance. + plus utilities, cleaning charge. Look for buildings zoned for industrial or light industrial use.

New spaces may require lighting, electrical upgrade and other unknowns. Our current cost guideline is cost ~ $2.14 sq ft. If we purchase, do we want tenants?

=== Action items: === Adams will talk to the credit union about whether we could qualify for a loan.

Zimmerman will set up a wiki page of potential spaces.

Adams and Applegate will present to membership.

Mach 3 for Shapeoko

(Mike suggested keeping software the same between machines) [J. Zimmerman]

We should solicit Mastercam to see if they are willing to donate the software. Maybe look into Makerspace license category. Members have expressed frustration with not having the software.

Bobcad, with a licence fee of $50-$100, could be an alternative

=== Action Item: === Zimmerman will solicit send email requesting donation.

Discuss Holt Maker Expo

[J. Zimmerman]

Holt Maker Expo is Saturday, August 8th,12-6:30. They said they have reserved space 4 us. We need pamphlets and be ready to recruit new members.

=== Action Items: ===Adams will send out email to membership who will participate.

Adams will email Holt Maker to check if smithy is welcome


Trailer has been dropped off & needs to be packed Thursday day.

Adjourned 9:00 pm