Meeting called to order at 7:10

Present: Nick Kwiatkowski (Director), Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Brian Adams (President), Penney Hughes (Secretary), Rose Canino-Koning (Director), Jody Applegate (Director), Jerry Fahner (Member), Tim Schmidt (Member); Absent: Jasmine O. (Director)

Penney Hughes acted as secretary for this meeting.

2/17/2015, 03/17/2015 and 4/21/2015 will be approved next meeting


Treasurer's Report

Raymond's total for material costs for Beyond Insights is $1516.80. We invoiced the organization $3000. Flaga suggests if we costed the man hours it would be about $10/hr. Event was well received by the teachers. Sparkfund is used when we need to order supplies. Adams, Raymond and Flaga have permissions for this.

Action Items:

Raymond will separate out costs for capital expenditures (ie, hammers) vs supplies. It would also good to get an accurate estimate of the cost for man-hours if we had paid staff.

Space Committee Update

Applegate reports fixtures and drywall are now installed. The electric lines are laid out every 10-12 ft. A new electrical panel has been added. We need to confirm the that the roof has been repaired. Applegate called 3x last week to contractor to see about the additional work (wall to create separate woodworking/metal shop. Adams suggested we explore the idea that we hire another contractor and maybe do the work ourselves. Applegate received message from Al that the township has more questions about the permits, signage, drainage, parking, etc. before approval. Won't have an occupancy date until permit is approved.

Action Items

The Space Committee: check with the township about concerns. The Space Committee: contact and additional contractor about working together.

Membership Report

We have 23 members

Adult Derby Event

No new update

President's Report

No update at this time

Upcoming Classes

Kwiatkowski has a class on Saturday. 6 of the 9 are kids with adults. Adams has offered to assist with the class. Carmine has not updated us on the Java class that he was discussing. Rick is interested in doing a 2 day seminar for 3D printers in the fall in conjunction with GLUGG. Not entirely worked out details. Another potential event over multiple Saturdays, a kids camp with ITECH

Action Items

Bohm: update the education wiki Hughes: add classes to calendar as needed All: help promote upcoming classes

Maker Faires

The Detroit Faire is July 25-26. Flaga will be signing up. He is bringing the the giant connect four. Applegate wants to take Artemis. Raymond is doing Tetris. Adams will take the marble race. The LMN proposed getting a UHaul to make items easier to bring and to protect equipment overnight. The board discussed can we use this as an opportunity to advertise ourselves. We discussed acquiring flyers from Shauna at Henry Ford. Can we do a coupon? We need some signage for our tent. Bring the plasma cut sign. We need to also think about advertising locally. Is Shauna available for posters to post around town? We need a City Pulse advert–LMN at Detroit Maker Faire. Adams suggests volunteers should wear our t-shirts. Flaga reported LMN has backed out of the St Joe's faire. A member has requested using our equipment that we would bring that weekend.

Flaga has signed up for Ann Arbor Maker Faire 2 sat June 6 from now. Flaga will be doing a make and take motor clinic & request donations.

Action Items

Flaga: Contact Shauna at Henry Ford if we can get more flyers and possibly posters Applegate: Ask Shauna if there is another Artemis Flaga: Look into UHaul Adams: Add LMN Detroit Maker Faire ad to City Pulse ALL Volunteers: Wear LMN t-shirts at Faire.

Board Elections

No nominations for the open board positions were received by the deadline posted. The board decided to extend the deadline to accept nominations. We need a quorum for valid elections. With our current membership 14 people at least must vote. For future elections we should consider a system for absentee ballots.

Action Items

Hughes: Send out email and FB post extending deadline and requesting nomination to the board

Meeting was adjourned at 8:02