Meeting called to order at 7:15

Present: Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Jody Applegate (Director), Brian Adams (President), Nick Kwiatkowski (Director), Penney Hughes (Secretary), Cliff Bohm (Member), Jerry Fahner (Member), Jon Good (Visitor) Absent: Jasmine O. (Director), Rose Canino-Koning (Director)

Penney Hughes acted as secretary for this meeting.

2/17/2015 and 03-17-2015 Minutes will be voted for approval via email as the Internet was unavailable during the meeting


**Treasurer's Report**

Raymond reported we continue to operate in the black. Bills are lowering now that the weather is warming. We received $26.26 in donations and sold a t-shirt at the MSU science festival. The 990 form is due May 15th and will be downloaded tomorrow.

**Building Update**:

We have confirmed that the low rent period begins when we move in. The current space is under construction, however does not include the wall that separates the woodshop. Al assumed we did not want the wall when we renegotiated the space. The group discussed ways of handling this situation. We need to get this taken care of quickly so that we do not have extra permit costs of adding the line. We also need to look at the location of the rooftop unit –this may also be in the way of the wall. The contractor would prefer to do any additional work, this would save money on additional permits and potentially save hassles.

The doors should be delivered some time this week.

The space committee has acquired totes for packing personal belongings has delegated space to for pack up. There is a dumpster outside for disposal of items.

Raymond has offered to give a tour of the new place. He will send out an email.

Action Items Adams: address with Al the issues with the woodshop wall. Space Committee: Estimates of items required for new space Space Committee: Report back on availability of needed items as gifts or locate sources Raymond: schedule tour of new building for interested members

**Membership Report**

no new news at this time

Action Item Membership Committee: request members do a scheduled demo of a device Membership Committee: advertise additional hours if available

Adult Derby Event

Applegate–Lucas and John have not gotten back about their Pinewood Derby plans.

Casual Memberships

no update at this time

Action Items Canino-Koning and Bohm: report to board with membership levels suggestions

**President's Report**

Adams had a meeting with a small business consultant who feels LMN is a good tool for companies to attract talent into the area. Demmer and various insurance companies might be candidates for sponsorships.

Adams talked to Michigan Creative about their role with creating a Kickstarter video and marketing. Need to develop concrete goals for Kickstarter. Need to look at re-doing website as it is our interface with the public and working on Wiki for more in depth information for the public.

LPMC (The Lansing Public Media Center) has offered to help with some video coverage at MakerFaire and possible some other events.

Fundraising efforts have been successful enough that the directors need to be formally asked if they have ever been barred from soliciting in Michigan.

Elections are next month. Brian Adams, Nick Kwiatkowski and Jasmine O. terms are ending. Notices will be sent to membership so we can have a quorum. Adams will work with Hughes. Need to move meeting date.

Action Items Adams: send out email to recruit volunteers to update website; Adams: give Hughes permissions to update calendar events All: send events to Hughes to update on calendar. Adams: send out email to directors asking if they have been barred from fundraising in MI Adams and Hughes: need to work together on director elections.

**Upcoming Classes**

Carmine wants to teach a beginning Java class. We are thinking about scheduling classes and asking instructors to consider what follow-up classes might be. He would like to start the class in three weeks. Kwaitkowski is teaching a Electronics 101 class on Saturday, May 30th. Action Items Hughes: add classes to calendar as needed All: help promote upcoming classes

meeting was adjourned at 8:10