Meeting called to order at 7:07

Present: (Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Jody Applegate (Director), Rose Canino-Koning (Director), Brian Adams (President), Cliff Bohm (Member), Jerry Fahner (Member), Penney Hughes (Secretary), Cameron Kennedy (member) Absent: Jasmine O. (Director), Nick Kwiatkowski (Director)

Penney Hughes acted as secretary for this meeting.

2/17/2015 Minutes will be reviewed for approval next month's board meeting 03-17-2015 Agenda


**Building update**:

Applegate has checked on the building noting that Al has a permit and progress is being made. We still need the estimate for the metal doors to close off the metal space. Per Applegate, Nick had spoken with the contractor a couple of days ago and still needs to get an estimate. Electrical boxes could cost as much as $500 for 220. We need to compile a more complete list of needed materials, costs & possible sourcing avenues. We determined that we will not continue looking for other sites at this time. We are waiting to hear from Al as the when the low rent period begins.

**Action Items**

Applegate: report back on email clarifying when lower rent rate starts Space Committee: Estimates of items required for new space Space Committee: Report back on availability of needed items as gifts or locate sources Space Committee: Acquire totes/bankers boxes Space Committee: delegate space for members to pack up belongings

**Treasurer's Report**

Raymond reported that the bank balance is $11k. We expect a $2200 utility bill. Macy's donated $2000 and $6000 matching from Mott foundation.


**Membership Report**

We have 22 currently active members. We still need to think of ways to encourage new people, maybe more people during their usual work time would be willing to talk to new members.

We discussed advertising a time that someone will use a device to demo it, possibly follow that with a tour.

**Action Item**

Membership Committee: request members do a scheduled demo of a device Membership Committee: advertise additional hours if available

**Social Outreach**

Girl Geek lockpicking party went well. 12-15 people came, also a small tween event that was successful.

**Secretary Election**

Canino-Koning motioned to vote Penney Hughes as a Secretary 5 board members present voted –unanimously approved

**Action Item**

Hughes: look into specifics for non-profit secretary guidlines

**New Member Introduction**

Kennedy: Introduced himself and offered expertise in Bitcoin. He would be happy to help with this and other programming opportunities such as Arduino and Rasberry Pi. Adams has his contact info. Let him know how he can be useful.

**Space Usage Request**

Katy Livingston wants to use part of our space as practice space as a professional circus performer. She has her own insurance. She prefers a location with I Beams but would be willing to bring own alternative. We need to determine how long would she want to use the space. Her interest in the space was forwarded to Al. Some concerns were raised about how she might appropriately pay for the space and whether it is appropriate if she is not doing a 'Maker' thing. She should have 2 memberships if bringing a partner. By them both becoming members she would be covered by our insurance too. Katy indicated that she would be putting a rider on her insurance for this address. We should have her organize with us so she is not practicing during meetings and that there could/will be bystanders.

**Action Item**

Applegate: Speak with Al and Katy and Adams clarifying points in the above conversation.

**Schedule Change**

Flaga: March 23rd was supposed to be Pinewood Derby but looks like it will be delayed a week.

**Action Item**

Update schedule

**Adult Derby Event**

Lucas Anthony & John Estelle came by last night looking into whether we could do a pinewood derby fundraiser. Al is OK with it. It does not conflict with sports events. Possibly the pinewood derby cars could be sourced from Boy Scouts of America (BSA), or Kwikcrafts. Lucas and John have written up a schedule of charges based on if you get car & whether one attends a workshop to make their own cars. To deal with abandoned car issues, there is a meet-up the day before race day for finishing and weighing in. There we some concerns about adults attending a multiday event and it being chaotic. We discussed having available a few premade cars? Maybe for latecomers also? Lucas and John would be buying the stock. Lucas is going to talk to Al about a date & John is going to organize the class.

They want to use our track but we might want to cover the electronics in the back. John Estelle is planning on teaching the workshop. They should probably make 10% cars/registrants available for day of the event. We could advertise additional car will be made available near the end of the promotion.

They want to film slo-mo at the finish line.

**Action Items**

Flaga email Dan and communicate actual cost of cars to Applegate. Applegate get back in touch with Lucas and John about the event

**Casual Memberships**

John and Lucas would like to have non-using members. We need to define this. I mentioned $25 fee and the guys said no it should be higher, maybe $50. Maybe we could have levels, for example students $25, a $50 level, a thousand dollar contributor would get a plaque.

**Action Items**

Canino-Koning and Bohm: report to board with membership levels suggestions


Applegate: I heard was a good site.

Meeting was adjourned with no objections at 8:13 pm.