Meeting called to order at 7:20pm

Present: Mike Flaga (Director), Carl Raymond (Treasurer), Jody Applegate (Director), Rose Canino-Koning (Director), Brian Adams (President), Cliff Bohm (Member), Tim Schmidt (Member), Jerry Fahner (Member)
Absent: Jasmine O. (Director), Randy Schott (Secretary), Nick Kwiatkowski (Director)

Adams acted as secretary for this meeting.

12/16/2015 Minutes approved without objection.

Raymond's treasurer's report replaced Finance Committee Report as the finance committee did not have a report.

Schmidt mentioned concerns with financial forecasts making it through the winter and if asking the landlord for relief was a good move.

Applegate provided a space committee report.
Bohm reported that the committee has a rough idea of costs but cannot make full estimates until a move date has been set.
Committee is also investigating electrical contractors and costs.
Applegate will start a conversation with the contractor regarding working on space projects during construction.
Adams discussed the need to inventory equipment and contact equipment owners to confirm if their equipment is a donation/loan and generate appropriate paperwork.
Bohm suggested the need to be stricter with equipment entering the space with regard to how it is disposed (donation, loan, etc).
Applegate will send a message to the mailing list providing an update on the status of the move.

Adams provided a president's report.
A group met earlier in the week to discuss classes/workshop planning for the coming year. Adams indicated the meeting was a good start and they will continue to meet and report on plans to broaden our focus on classes and education.
Adams is going to announce a YouTube night, meeting on Thursdays once a month.
Adams provided a report on a meeting with Pattengill school in Lansing School District to host a field trip in mid-May. Bohm and Flaga volunteered to be part of further discussions with the teachers on planning the event.

Raymond discussed a request to do a take-a-part clinic at a school. The consensus was that if the school were able to find equipment for the clinic, we could attempt to find mentors and provide equipment for the event.

Adams suggested revisiting the idea of group fields trips (to places like Kalamazoo Air Zoo, Tandy Leather, etc) for members.

Adams will create a meetup account again for these items.

Adams reviewed conflict of interest disclosures. None of the directors present indicated or disclosed a conflict.

Carl requested that we spend up to $150 for a HVAC technician to evaluate the status of the furnaces.
Adams called for the vote. Ayes: Adams, Raymond, Applegate. Nays: Flaga, Canino-Koning. Motion approved.

Flaga, Bohm and Raymond volunteered to be a part of the kick-off meeting with Michigan Creative. Adams will schedule the meeting for early next week.

Flaga is working with CADL (Capital Area District Libraries) to potentially offer classes/workshops in collaboration with the libraries.

Meeting was adjourned with no objections at 8:32pm.