Minutes for Dec 17th 2013 Meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, N. Kwiatkowski, M. Flaga, Jasmine O., R. Schott, J. Applegate, R. Koning

Chair: B. Adams

Secretary: R. Schott

Meeting was called to order at 7:19pm

B. Adams called for the approval of the previous meeting's minutes

  • With no objections, the minutes were approved.

C. Raymond gave a Treasurer's Report

R. Schott had no business to bring up for the Secretary's report

B. Adams gave a President's Report

The board discussed board proposal 22 - Adoption of a minor participation policy

  • M. Flaga moved to vote on the proposal, N. Kwiatkowski seconded,
  • The motion passed with 6/7 votes, Jasmine O. dissented.

N. Kwiatkowski gave an update on a corporate sponsorship opportunity

B. Adams led a discussion about the Communications team

With no further business, R. Koning moved to adjourn the meeting; C. Raymond seconded

With no objections the meeting was adjourned at 7:39pm