Meeting Minutes 11/19/2013

Present: C. Raymond, M. Flaga, B. Adams, Rose, J. Applegate Absent: Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski

Called to Order: 7:10pm

Chair: B. Adams Secretary: B. Adams

Treasurer's Report

   Carl Raymond covererd the break down of opening party expenses.
   New members report

President's Report

   City Pulse article should run tomorrow. 
   Brian's being interviewed on the City Pulse radio show tomorrow.

Agenda Items

Open House/Party

   Things we learned from people touring the space
        Rose: We should do more things for kids
        Jody: Classes - "if I join is there going to be a scheduled "how to learn the XX"?"
        Tim: Might be a little intimidated just coming in -- can we do a beginner's day ?
        We'll start with Saturday 1pm - 5pm (Brian) and Wednesday 5pm - 9pm (Rose)


   Balloon handout / decoration of some sort
   If we're going to do helium, someone will need to donate.  Brian has info about who has it in town.

Casual membership - Rose

   Rose will be drafting and will share with the group for comments.

Jody: re: Nick's class – Some sort of gesture for their patience during the class. Jody will come up with something and ask others to contribute.

Adjouned: 8:01pm