Called to order at 7:08pm

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, M. Flaga, Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski (remote)

Absent: T. Schmidt

Chair: B. Adams

Secretary: R. Schott

Treasurer's Report - C. Raymond

New Member Orientation / Safety Classes - Jasmine O.

Leasing/Loaning Agreement Draft - B. Adams

Inventory - R. Schott

Insurance Update - B. Adams

Liability Waivers - B. Adams

  • Proposal by B. Adams, Seconded by N. Kwiatkowski - Adopt the current draft as our liability form. Any visitors for any purpose other than group meetings will be required to sign it.
  • Passed with 4 votes

Promotional Plans - M. Flaga

  • M. Flaga to solicit feedback from board and draft a punch-list of things we should get done before promoting to the general public.

Quick discussion about groups that want to meet at LMN

Adjourned at 8:03pm