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Called to order at 7:15 pm

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, M. Flaga, J. Ojibway, N. Kwiatkowski (remote)

Absent: T. Schmidt

Chair: B. Adams

Secretary: R.Schott

Treasurer's Report and Expense Reimbursement Procedures (Carl Raymond)
  • Proposal (B. Adams):
    • For amounts under $50, seek informal approval.
    • Over $50 requires formal approval.
    • Everyone is encouraged to donate their purchases.
    • Limit total monthly informal purchases to $150.
    • Carried with 4 votes
Update about building access and projects in exchange for tenancy (N. Kwiatkowski)
Update on Insurance (B. Adams)
  • B. Adams and C. Raymond to finish liability waiver so we can keep a stack by the door.
Unscheduled discussion on access hours and weekly schedules
  • Proposal (N. Kwiatkowski) : Usage of equipment requires training/certification by LMN or industry certification
  • Carried with 4 votes
  • J. Ojibway to draft new member orientation
Tool Loaning/Leasing Policies
  • R. Schott to create inventory of current tools and equipment
  • B. Adams to draft a leasing/loaning policy
Classes/Safety/Testing (B. Adams)
  • J. Ojibway to draft policy and procedures for safety training
Clubs and Local Organizations (B. Adams)
Promotional Event at the Avenue on June 26th (J. Ojibway)
Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire/Maker Faire Detroit(M. Flaga)

Adjourned at 8:47pm