Called to order at 7:15 pm

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, M. Flaga, Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski (remote)

Absent: T. Schmidt

Chair: B. Adams

Secretary: R.Schott

Treasurer's Report and Expense Reimbursement Procedures (Carl Raymond)
  • Proposal (B. Adams):
    • For amounts under $50, seek informal approval.
    • Over $50 requires formal approval.
    • Everyone is encouraged to donate their purchases.
    • Limit total monthly informal purchases to $150.
    • Carried with 4 votes
Update about building access and projects in exchange for tenancy (N. Kwiatkowski)
Update on Insurance (B. Adams)
  • B. Adams and C. Raymond to finish liability waiver so we can keep a stack by the door.
Unscheduled discussion on access hours and weekly schedules
  • Proposal (N. Kwiatkowski) : Usage of equipment requires training/certification by LMN or industry certification
  • Carried with 4 votes
  • Jasmine O. to draft new member orientation
Tool Loaning/Leasing Policies
  • R. Schott to create inventory of current tools and equipment
  • B. Adams to draft a leasing/loaning policy
Classes/Safety/Testing (B. Adams)
  • Jasmine O. to draft policy and procedures for safety training
Clubs and Local Organizations (B. Adams)
Promotional Event at the Avenue on June 26th (Jasmine O.)
Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire/Maker Faire Detroit(M. Flaga)

Adjourned at 8:47pm