Called to order at 7:08pm

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, Jasmine O., M. Flaga, N. Kwiatkowski

Absent: T. Schmidt

Chair: B. Adams Secretary: R.Schott

B. Adams: Leaseway Update re: Lansing Township meeting

Jasmine O.: Fundraising event planning

B. Adams: Hanover Insurance, questions answered

  • Board Proposal 013: Approve purchase of D&O insurance through Hanover
  • Proposed by B.Adams, seconded by N. Kwiatkowski
  • Passed unanimously

B. Adams: 501c3 status update, application needs to undergo technical review.

B. Adams: Beginning electronics classes

  • B. Adams, N. Kwiatkowski, Jasmine O. to meet separately for organizing, planning, and promoting.

B. Adams: Michigan Inventors Coalition summit on September 4th

  • B. Adams moved for Lansing Makers Network to join the Michigan Inventors Coalition, Seconded by C. Raymond
  • Passed unanimously

B. Adams: Makerfaire Detroit and Ann Arbor

  • M. Flaga to send emails inviting mailing list members to participate

Adjourned at 8:13pm