:NOTE: Below are the secretary's notes from this meeting. Official minutes are forthcoming.

start 7:05

tim motions to approve agenda
maker faire recap - display you don't have to stand next to, banners, url on the banners says .com, plan for transportation, interactive exhibits, money sucker, cards, qr codes didn't do much, we need a signup list - raffle?, bracketed game?, website enticement?, sparkfun teamup?, press release, fact sheet, 

casey - introductions, rich, josh.  barcamp description, jasmin - jasmin it difficulties - tie everything to the card, lmn assisting grmakers with a display, 

lmn infrastructure - water cooler, etc.

physical logo construction,

plexiglass glowing logo

silverbells leds


lmn printed baloons, remote controlled couch, music, 

gone wired, board meetings - first and third wed, sft - first and third sat, second and fourth thu

wordpress contributor, approved

makerspace spreadsheet


old town diner?

Research state-level regulations

8:40 asjourned