The organizational meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network was held in room 120 of Linton Hall on the campus of Michigan State University on Tuesday 05-08-2012, at 7:30PM EST.

Present were: Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, Ed Symanzik, and Jasmine O., being persons designated as the Directors in the Articles of Incorporation and/or participating as directors of the Board of Directors. Also in attendance, Randy Schott, Ron Groce, Jamie Groce.

As this was the first meeting of the board of directors, the reading of the minutes from the last meeting were skipped.

The following persons were nominated officers of The Board of Directors, and each was approved by unanimous vote:

PRESIDENT: Brian Adams

TREASURER: Carl Raymond

SECRETARY: Timothy Schmidt

The President thereupon took the chair and the Treasurer and Secretary immediately assumed the discharge of the duties of their respective offices. The President then stated that there were a number of organizational matters to be considered at the meeting and a number of resolutions to be adopted by the Board of Directors.

RESOLVED, that regular meetings of The Board of Directors be held on the first Thursday and third Wednesday of each month, from 7:00PM EST to 8:30PM EST.

RESOLVED, that regular board meetings be held at the Washington Street Armory building, with The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center as a backup location.

RESOLVED, that The Board of Directors will organize a “town hall meeting” to update the local community on Lansing Makers Network's current status.

TABLED, when to hold regular meetings of the membership of Lansing Makers Network.

RESOLVED, that The Treasurer will open a checking account at the MSU Federal Credit Union in the name of Lansing Makers Network

RESOLVED, that Ed Symanzik will request permission to use portions of an existing business plan, and that Timothy Schmidt and Brian Adams will assist in making modifications, and drafting a Lansing Makers Network business plan, for The Board of Directors to review.

RESOLVED, that Jasmine O. will begin work on developing a marketing plan.

RESOLVED, that Timothy Schmidt and Ron Groce will pursue equipment donations, and catalog existing equipment.

RESOLVED, that coordination of the search for a suitable location for Lansing Makers Network will be conducted in a Google Docs spreadsheet, editable by The Board of Directors, that spaces added to the spreadsheet encompass no less than 3,000 square feet, and that spaces which are not currently available for lease should be added to the spreadsheet nonetheless.

RESOLVED, that The Treasurer and President will prepare submission of the Michigan Solicitation License and submit it to The Board of Directors via email for approval prior to filing.

RESOLVED, that items for a liability form and insurance be added to the todo page of the Lansing Makers Network wiki, and that Timothy Schmidt will attend the next i3 Detroit board meeting to obtain examples of similar documents.

RESOLVED, that Lansing Makers Network should attend the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire, and that a vinyl sign should be cut, and marketing materials produced.

It was pointed out that with eight or more tables within the Lansing Makers Network group, Maker Faire will dedicate a tent to Lansing Makers Network, and print a sign for it.

RESOLVED, that members of Lansing Makers Network should individually inform the Detroit Maker Faire of their attendance, as well as request tables suitable for their own display, and that members should inform the Maker Faire that they wish to be located next to other Lansing Makers Network members.

Legal fees for filing the 501c3 paperwork for Lansing Makers Network were discussed.

That concluding the matters at hand, The President thanked everyone for their attendance and dismissed the meeting at 9:00PM EST.

The Secretary then called for the minutes to be approved via email, to expedite the process of obtaining an account from the MSU Federal Credit Union.

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the meeting of The Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network on 05-08-2012 are approved.