Summary of last night’s meeting

The meeting was attended by approximately dozen persons. With representatives from Portland Machinist Guild and Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild attended, along with some persons from TechSmith and several teachers from the area’s public K-12 schools.

All parties are interested in the formation of a Lansing area public fabrication studio, also called a Maker Space or Hackerspace, similar to others such as; I3-Detriot, MakerWorks (Ann Arbor) TechShop (Dearborn), and All-Hand-Active (Ann Arbor). Links can be found at

In short this meeting became the incubation of newborn “Lansing Maker’s Network”. With a goal of coalescing the different greater Lansing maker type groups.

We can shortly expect to see a (this) email group and from there group discussions on who, what, where, when and how we can coalesce, and proceed with the goal of providing a community, that can bridge the different area’s and multi-generational gaps.

Our take-a-way action items were: Create the email Group o Next Meeting o Interest Survey For representatives of other groups to solicit and gage support by their group. Solicit support by other groups not attended o There are quite a few arts and crafts groups that fall in with our goals. o Is there a match with org’s: § K-12 STEM’s “Project Lead the Way” § ITEC § YMCA § Boy/Girl Scouts/Club § I5 § Lansing Parks and Recreation § Home School Groups o Along with other that may be interested in just a meeting space. § GLLUG § Ruby/Phython Group Possible group road trip to MakerWorks Preliminary look for any grants or corporate sponsorships o Discover what their requirements are. o Micro Grant SOUP Events (like Define a common workspaces requirements as a tenant. Preliminary look for any projects either inter-discipline or not, that our new “Lansing Maker’s Network”, can mentor. o Hosting a PineCar Derby, (similar but not too be confused with Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby) with possible competition against other hackerspaces, such as I3’s recent Pine Car Derby. o Host a Rube Goldberg contest. o Hosting other Cub Scout/BSA § § “Space Derby” (Wow - I remember doing this.) § Rain gutter Regatta (Again – I remember doing this. lost memories) o Intro Classes § Home Electronic Repair § Beginning Soldering, make your own blinking LED badge (9th grade and up, great parent/kid projects) § Micro-Computers for beginners, Arduino projects (9th grade and up, great parent/kid projects)

Michael P. Flaga,