Clubs/Groups to Set Meetings With

We need to get the word out about LMN to the groups and clubs that would likely want to either be a part themselves, or whose members might want to join our ranks. Google Presentation that's been used for these intros is at

The Process:

  1. Add your name under LMN Liason
  2. Contact the group to arrange to present/talk at their meeting (5 mins)
  3. Add the date and time you'll be attending to this page.
  4. Attend the meeting and spread the word!
  5. Come back here and change the date and time to DONE.


  • If its a big enough group that you're worried about being able to mingle / field questions afterward alone, ping the list or to ask if someone can join you.
  • If you need materials/business cards/etc contact or show up to a meeting and ask for some.
  • If there's a group or club that needs adding, add it!
  • This is a list for groups and clubs, not businesses. For that list go here.
Club/Group/Entity LMN Liason Date & Time
CMARC B. Adams
Mid-Michigan Woodworker's Guild E. Symanzik
Greater Lansing Wood Carvers :ORPHANED:
Red Cedar River Carvers Guild :ORPHANED:
Portland Machinist Guild E. Symanzik
Greater Lansing Weavers Guild :ORPHANED:
Lansing Clippers-American Sewing Guild :ORPHANED:
Mid-Michigan Knitters Guild :ORPHANED:
Capitol City Quilt Guild :ORPHANED:
Magician's Guild of Lansing :ORPHANED:
Antique Radio Club :ORPHANED:
Lansing Inventors Network B. Adams :Completed:
Greater Lansing Linux User Group (GLLUG) :ORPHANED: