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This is a list of classes that have been held or may be held in the future. Please feel free to update or add suggestions and information.

There is a template entry at the end of the list. Copy-n-paste for easy additions.

Class Description Date Location Instructor(s) Status Notes
Learn Electronics with the Lansing Makers Network Feb 15 2014 LMN Nick Kwiatkowski Second session - registration still open
Learn the 3D Printer with the Lansing Makers Network Jan 18 2014 LMN Timothy Schmidt First session - registration still open register here
Openscad Primer TBD TBD Timothy Schmidt, Brian Adams Work-In-Progress Notes
Arduino Bootcamp TBD TBD Brian Adams, Michael P. Flaga Work-In-Progress Notes
Version Control for Makers TBD TBD Brian Adams Work-In-Progress Notes
Introduction to Electronics for non-engineers TBD TBD Nick Kwiatkowski Work-In-Progress Notes
Introduction to Soldering TBD TBD Michael P. Flaga Work-In-Progress Notes

Class Resources

Sparkfun has many tutorials of their curriculum online