Board Proposal 045

Freeze new memberships and establish special meeting of the members

Summary Details

  • Status: Approved 8/22/2018


On October 2nd, 2018 Lansing Makers Network will be convene a membership meeting to consider and vote on a proposal to amend our articles of incorporation to change LMN’s structure from a membership organization to a directorship organization (the meeting). On the advice of counsel and in order to ensure that all parties who may vote on this matter are appropriately notified as required by law, the board of directors is hereby suspending the addition of voting members beginning on August 25th, 2018 and effective until the conclusion of the vote.

The organization may still provide access to the space for the usual requisite fees during this suspension and these individuals will not be added to the voting rolls of the organization. Returning members not in good standing as of the date of suspension of membership who subsequently renew will not be added to the membership rolls of the organization.

Current members must continue in good standing to remain a voting member. No changes to how LMN processes renewals of current members will occur as a result of this measure or during the notice period for the meeting..

In the event the amendment to the articles fails to pass any member who would ordinarily have been added to the membership rolls shall automatically be considered a voting member in the organization pursuant to the existing bylaws.

The secretary shall collect the membership roster as of the date of suspension of membership noted herein and shall provide written notice of the meeting by mail to those members.