Board proposal 040 - Create discount program for Class / Workshop instructors

Sponsor: B. Adams
Status: Draft

Provide a 50% discount for individuals who teach a workshop or class in the preceding month.


  1. Member must be a *volunteer*. Instructors paid for their time are not eligible for a discount.
  2. Classes and schedule must be approved by the Executive Director / CEO
    1. Class must be open to the general public.
    2. ED/CEO will help establish budget / pricing for the event.
  3. Classes must be scheduled with enough lead time for the Marketing Team to successfully promote them
    1. (Marketing team will come up with a timeline / checklist for this)
  4. Classes that are cancelled by LMN (low enrollment, equipment problems, etc) /may/ still count toward the discount, according to the discretion of the Executive Director / CEO
  5. Classes that are cancelled by the instructor /will not/ be eligible to count toward the discount.

How the discount works:

  1. If a member has taught a class in the preceding month, they will be eligible to receive a 50% discount on their membership/renewal.
  2. For Quarterly / Yearly memberships, the member must have taught classes during each of the preceding months. (no prorating of quarterly/yearly memberships)
    1. E.g., if you're renewing for a Quarterly in June, you must have taught a class in May, April, and March for your membership to be 50% off.
  3. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
    1. E.g., if you already receive the senior or family discount, your membership is still only 50% off.
  4. There are no “acruals” or “credits” for teaching classes.
    1. E.g., if you teach 3 classes in a month, while we're phenomenally grateful to you for your support, you're only eligible for a discount on your next, 1 month membership.
  5. If an instructor opts to not take the discount, 50% of their membership fee will be considered a tax-deductible donation to the makerspace.