Board Proposal 032 - Establishment of Zone Wardens


Board Proposal 032
Sponsor: Rosangela Canino-Koning


Establish zone wardens responsible for creating and maintaining individual work areas within the Lansing Makers Network space. Each warden shall be responsible for one work area.


Zone Warden charges and responsibilities:


  • Develop an annual budget for individual spaces.
  • Collaborate with the finance committee in developing a budget for individual work areas.
  • Monitor adherence to the budget within the work areas.

Classes and Training

  • Develop and maintain basic training classes for the equipment in the individual work areas.
  • Supervise teaching of basic training classes and other classes involving individual work areas.
  • Develop and supply documentation for maintenance and operation of each piece of equipment.


  • Lead a committee composed of no less than three members to maintain individual work areas, including cleaning, repair, organization, layout, and upgrades.


  • Present a report to the board about the state of each individual work area at each board meeting.