Board Proposal 031 - Establishment of Equipment "In Production" Policy


Board Proposal 031
Sponsor: Nick Kwiatkowski
Status: In Draft


An area supervisor has the ability to designate certain tools or equipment in LMN's possession as “In Production”. Equipment that is designated as “In Production” will :

  • Not leave the space for any reason with the following exceptions:
    • The owner if the equipment wishes to have the equipment returned to them (valid only for equipment that is on consignment)
  • Not be disassembled, upgraded, removed from an operative state, or otherwise made unavailable to the LMN membership unless a suitable replacement is immediately available.
  • Be fully documented on either the Lansing Makers Network Wiki, Website or some other durable document. This documentation should be enough to allow a member to walk up to the device and reasonably use it, given a safety discussion has occurred.
  • Be maintained by LMN. Should the equipment become inoperable due to normal wear and tear, LMN will make it a priority over other projects to repair the equipment in an operative state. Should the equipment become unavailable for (a length of time) an email will be written to the membership letting them know the equipment is unavailable, with an ETA for it to become available again.
  • Have all software, licenses, etc. required to operate the equipment be in possession of LMN. Any logins and passwords required to operate the equipment in a normal fashion must be documented in a reasonable location available to the membership. Software required to operate equipment must be made available on LMN operated and maintained computers.
  • Have a posted procedure available near the machine that states what steps must be taken by a member should the machine not respond normally. This should include escalation procedures for timely notification to the area supervisor should it be deemed that the equipment is broken.
  • Have a policy written as to consumables usage. The policy should cover items such as consumables that LMN is responsible for, consumables that members must provide, and recommended sources for the consumables (and recommended part numbers, if they are available).
  • Have a notice on the equipment that it is in production and governed by this policy.