Sponsor: B. Adams
Status: DRAFT


Lansing Makers Network adopts a consent agenda format for board meetings. Routine and/or non-controversial items will be grouped together as a “Consent Agenda”. Consent Agenda items are not discussed, but rather approved as a group by their remaining on the consent agenda. Any board member may request removal of an item from the Consent Agenda and the item will be placed on the regular agenda for consideration. This removal request does not require a second.

The purpose of adopting a consent agenda is to provide board members with adequate time to review and understand routine reports prior to meeting, and to streamline the meeting process. The purpose is specifically NOT to prevent discussion and proper consideration for board action items. As such, all board members must be given adequate time to review all materials intended for inclusion in the consent agenda such as to satisfy their Duty of Care to Lansing Makers Network.

Full documentation (meeting minutes, committee reports, proposal text, etc) must be sent to the board no later than 1 week prior to a meeting to be included on the consent agenda so that board members will have adequate time to read, understand and request clarification on any consent agenda items.

The following items may be included on a consent agenda:

  • Committee Reports
  • Updates or reports provided for information only
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Non-controversial policy changes / additions
  • Confirmation of documents