Board Proposal 028 - Adopt Board of Director Responsibilities


Board Proposal 028
Sponsor: Brian Adams


Adopt the following as the job description / expectations of Lansing Makers Network board members.

Member of the Board of Directors

Job Description and Expectations

Purpose: To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Lansing Makers Network so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.

Major Responsibilities

  • Organizational leadership and advisement
  • Organization of the board of directors, officers, and committees
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget
  • Oversight of program planning and evaluation
  • Personnel evaluation and staff development
  • Review of organizational and programmatic reports
  • Promotion of the organization
  • Fundraising and outreach

Members of the board share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of Lansing Makers Network. Each member is expected to make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the community.

Meetings and Time Commitments

  • The board of directors meets on the Fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm. Meetings typically last 90 minutes.
  • Board members are expected to attend *ALL* board meetings. While occasional, excused absences are understood, the board will vote to remove board members who miss more than 3 consecutive meetings.
  • The Board will work together to accommodate scheduling conflicts and move meetings as needed, while understanding that board meetings are an opportunity for the membership to have a voice with their elected leadership and consistency of meeting times and dates are important to achieving that purpose.
  • Committees meet as needed depending on their function (operating committees generally meet once per month in advance of the regular board meeting, while other committees may meet less often)
Term Length

Board member terms are 3 years in length with no renewal limit (subject to approval of the membership).

Functions and Outreach Events

Lansing Makers Network participates in many outreach events, such as:

  • Maker Faire Detroit
  • Ann Arbor Mini-Maker Faire
  • How-To Halloween
  • Maker Week Lansing
  • Silver Bells in the City

Board Members will consider Lansing Makers Network a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. So that Lansing Makers Network can credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals, we expect to have 100 percent of Board Members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their individual capacity.

Expectations of Board Members

  • Attend and participate in all meetings.
  • Attend and participate in at least three functions and outreach events as able.
  • Participate on a standing committee of the board, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary.
  • Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by Lansing Makers Network's mission, objectives, and programs.
  • Help communicate and promote Lansing Makers Network mission and programs to the community.
  • Become familiar with Lansing Makers Network finances, budget, and financial/resource needs.
  • Understand the policies and procedures of Lansing Makers Network.
  • Maintain membership in Lansing Makers Network
  • Financially support Lansing Makers Network in a manner commensurate with one’s ability.