Board Proposal 026 - Amend charge of Space Committee (adhoc)


Board Proposal 026
Sponsor: Brian Adams
Status: Approved 11/18/2014


Re-charge the ad-hoc “Space Committee” to coordinate and manage Lansing Makers Networks move into the Leaseway building.
The committee shall consist of no fewer than three members.


The Space Committee charge and responsibilities:

  • Recruit committee members/solicit input from the full LMN membership and Zone Wardens
  • Plan and present to full board for approval a budget recommendation for moving expenses / needs.
  • Create “punch-list” of action items to prepare for moving.
  • Organize and recruit volunteers to perform the move (scheduling, numbers, etc).
  • Develop plan for layout and organization of new space.
  • Provide any policy adjustments / addition recommendations to full board for approval.