Board Proposal 023 Sponsor: Carl Raymond Co-Sponsor: Status: Approved


Members who are at least 65 years old are eligible for a 50% discount on dues. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount, with the exception of the payment term discounts (currently 10% for 3 months at once or 20% for 12 months at once).

The member must be at least 65 at the time of payment to use the discount.


Bud, age 65, joins at the coder/crafter level, with a base rate of $50.00 per month. For one month, he would pay $50.00 * 0.5 = $25.00. For three months at once, the 10% payment discount applies, and he would pay $50.00 * 3 * 0.9 * 0.5, or $67.50.

Fran and Edward are married makers, both age 67, at the $50.00 per month level. They can both make use of the senior citizen discount, paying $25.00 each, but cannot also use the family discount.