Board Proposal 010

Summary Details


A proposal to approve membership application and creation of “Founding Member” classification.


According to the Article VI.4 of the bylaws:

VI.4 Admission of Members
Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon certification 
by the Board that the following requirements have been met:
   1. Payment in full of dues and fees required; and
   2. Completion of a membership application.

In order to provide a path to membership, the board approves the membership application (link currently only accessible to those with Google Drive Access).

Further, the board creates a membership designation of “Founding Member”.

Founding Members shall be:

  • any member who becomes a member, at any membership level, as described in Article VI.4 of the bylaws, and prior to the official opening of LMN's first physical space.
  • recognized on a founding members display in the space.
  • recognized during a grand opening event.

The Founding member designation shall confer no additional rights or privileges beyond those of any other member except as outlined in this proposal.

Members may opt-out of being recognized as a founding member.

In approving this proposal the board shall specifically stipulate an effective date not less than 24 hours after notice of approval of the proposal as stipulated in Article VI.10.2 of the bylaws.

AMENDED (Minutes)

Memberships will be open to public beginning April 1, 2013

Dues will be effective April 1, 2013.