Artemis Working Group


The Artemis Working Group is tasked with restoring, maintaining and improving the bridge simulator.

Working Group Members:

How YOU can help:

Please feel free to edit this wiki page, or send a message to
  • Help answer some of the questions below.
  • Tell us your needs or concerns.
  • Join this working group!
    • To do that, edit this wiki page add your name, and send a message to

Meeting times:

  • after board meetings and GLUGG meetings.
  • Additional meeting - just email others and will likely show up.


  • Components need to be cheap
  • Systems need to be easy to rebuild
  • Assembly and disassembly needs to be easy and quick

Questions that need to be addressed:

(Educated guesses are okay here)

  1. Can we get some Touch Screens
  2. Need walls
  3. etc…

Items to research: