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 +Meeting Minutes
 +Present: C. Raymond, M. Flaga, B. Adams, Rose, J. Applegate
 +Absent: Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski
 +Called to Order: 7:10pm
 +Chair: B. Adams
 +Secretary: B. Adams
 +Treasurer'​s Report
 +     Carl Raymond covererd the break down of opening party expenses.
 +     New members report
 +President'​s Report
 +     City Pulse article should run tomorrow. ​
 +     ​Brian'​s being interviewed on the City Pulse radio show tomorrow.
 +Agenda Items
 +Open House/Party
 +     ​Things we learned from people touring the space
 +          Rose: We should do more things for kids
 +          Jody: Classes - "if I join is there going to be a scheduled "how to learn the XX"?"​
 +          Tim: Might be a little intimidated just coming in -- can we do a beginner'​s day ?
 +          We'll start with Saturday 1pm - 5pm (Brian) and Wednesday 5pm - 9pm (Rose)
 +     ​Balloon handout / decoration of some sort
 +     If we're going to do helium, someone will need to donate. ​ Brian has info about who has it in town.
 +Casual membership - Rose
 +     Rose will be drafting and will share with the group for comments.
 +Jody:  re: Nick's class -- Some sort of gesture for their patience during the class. ​ Jody will come up with something and ask others to contribute.
 +Adjouned: 8:01pm