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 +---- datatemplateentry equipment ----
 +template ​     : templates:​equipment
 +picture ​      : :​equipment:​electronics:​hp33120a.jpg
 +zone          : Electronics
 +name          : HP Multifunction Signal Generator
 +manufacturer ​ : HP
 +model         : 33120A
 +manual ​       : :​equipment:​electronics:​agilent33120auserguide.pdf
 +memberlevel ​  : Coder/​Crafter
 +owner         : ?
 +type          : Signal Generator
 +status_ ​      : Operational
 +Agilent 33120A function/​arbitrary generator offers the rock-solid stability of digital synthesis at a price you can feel good about. ​ Not only do you get better performance,​ you get arbitrary waveforms available for the first time in this price range. ​ Just imagine the ways you could use complex custom waveforms (with 12-bit resolution) from simulating heartbeats and vibrations to testing circuits.
 +The option 001 phase/lock time-base increases the Agilent 33120A'​s frequency stability and creates new system possibilities. ​ Generate precise phase-offset signals, phase lock two Agilent 33120A'​s or sync your generator to a 10 MHz frequency standard. ​ You can even tie and entire ATE system to a master clock.
 +===Maintenance Log===