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 +===Board Proposal 030 - Establishment of Policy to purchase required software to utilize tools===
 +Board Proposal 030\\
 +Sponsor: Nick Kwiatkowski\\
 +Status: Draft\\
 +The board shall authorize the purchase of software required to run/​operate/​maintain machine that is designated as "In Production,"​ up to $250.  The area supervisor should determine what is required to use a tool in a production manner. ​ If the cost of software is greater than $250, the purchase will need to be voted on by the board by a simple vote (not requiring a board proposal). ​ Software that requires a contract or yearly maintenance that will exceed the $250 limit over a 3 year period will be subject to board approval.
 +Purchased software will be installed and licensed on machines owned and operated by LMN and not on member'​s individual machines.  ​
 +The area supervisor will have autonomy to determine the best software for the job, which may or may not include Open-Source software.