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-====== Blue Sky Projects ====== 
-The term Blue Sky refers to the sky is the limit, as to the suggested ideas and projects, that members can dream up. Please add any ideas to the list and perhaps there is enough interest it may turn into a reality. 
-===== Project Ideas===== 
-  * Copter Rodeo. Quad Copters and such, Possibly in Drill the Hall. Submitted by [[user:​mflaga:​start|Michael P. Flaga]] 
-  * Build Power Wheels Car, to compete at MF and other. Submitted by [[user:​mflaga:​start|Michael P. Flaga]] 
-  * [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sound_from_ultrasound|Ultrasonic beam-forming speakers]] for semi-private listening, pranks, etc. 
-  * Outside 500' String of Floating LED's. This would be great for "​Silver Bells in the City". Simple, cheap and easy. Submitted by [[user:​mflaga:​start|Michael P. Flaga]] 
-    * [[http://​www.instructables.com/​id/​LED-Floaties-That-float-away/​]] 
-    * [[http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=9UkWnsZh24g]] 
-  * Decontruction Lab. Left over Electronics are disassembled by children. Just give them Screw Driver, Hammer and Eye protection. Then we collect things like motors, connectors and buttons. Submitted by [[user:​mflaga:​start|Michael P. Flaga]] 
-  * X-ray phones to make background images for them, of their insides. 
-  * A "​free"​ box, where members can leave or take items 
-  * host/​chaperon ​ [[http://​cdn.makezine.com/​make/​maker-camp/​schedule/​index.html|Maker Camp on Google+]]. Submitted by [[user:​mflaga:​start|Michael P. Flaga]] 
-  * Mega-Hungry Hippo'​s 
-  * CNC Zen Garden Sand Table. ​ Submitted by [[user:​zimmer62:​start|Joe Zimmerman]] 
-  * [[delta3dprinter|Delta 3d printer]] Submitted by [[user:​zimmer62:​start|Joe Zimmerman]]