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-The woodshop is located on the ground floor of the Oldtown Temple Building at 502 EGrand River Ave LansingMI 48906+{{ :​zones:​wood_shop.png?​direct |}} 
 +All of the woodworking machines and tools live in this area. 
 +Zone Steward: [[user:​wreality:​start|Brian Adams]] 
 +**Safety glasses are always required in the wood shop** 
 +===Safety Rules=== 
 +All rules in the [[zones:​shop safety rules|general shop safety rules]] apply in the wood shop.  
 +===Useful Links=== 
 +===Policies and Procedures=== 
 +  * There is a certain amount ​of fair-game stock and hardware available for members to use.  Please remember that someone left their unused stock or hardware for you to use and contribute however you can. 
 +  * All projects must be labeled or they may be returned to "​fair-game stock"​. 
 +  * Machines should be cleaned and left ready for the next members use ​Don'​t leave work setup on a machine. 
 +===Machine Tools=== 
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