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-{{ :​zones:​metal_shop.png?​direct |}} 
-The Machine Shop is located on the ground floor of Lansing Makers Network. ​ Various tools for forming, shaping and working metal are available in this zone.  In addition this zone holds the hardware and metal stock areas for the shops. 
-Zone Steward: [[user:​carlraymond:​start|Carl Raymond]] 
-**Safety glasses are always required in the machine shop** 
-===Safety Rules=== 
-All rules in the [[zones:​shop safety rules|general shop safety rules]] apply in the machine shop.  
-===Useful Links=== 
-  * [[http://​www.smithy.com/​machining-handbook|Smithy Machining Handbook]] 
-  * {{:​zones:​starrett-inch-metric-tap-drill_1_.pdf|Starret Drill and Tap Chart}} (This is the chart hanging in the shops. 
-  * [[http://​www.youtube.com/​playlist?​list=PLF06SHGgSg4Fk5-yeh8DN3g6ZgaM0tbk7|MIT Shop Basics Videos (Youtube)]] 
-  *  
-===Policies and Procedures=== 
-  * There is a certain amount of fair-game stock and hardware available for members to use.  Please remember that somone left their unused stock or hardware for you to use and contribute however you can. 
-  * All projects must be labeled or they may be returned to "​fair-game stock"​. 
-  * Machines should be cleaned and left ready for the next members use.  Don't leave work setup on a machine. 
-  * Please contribute to the organization of the hardware whenever possible. 
-  * Lettered and Numbered bits should NEVER leave the machine shop and should be replaced in their indexes ASAP.  The wonderfulness of having lettered and numbered bits is lost quickly if they'​re not all there... 
-===Machine Shop Tools=== 
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