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-{{ :​zones:​top_floor.png?​direct |}} 
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-The 3D Printing Area is located on the top floor of Lansing Makers Network. 
-Zone Steward: [[user:​tim:​start|Tim Schmidt]] 
-===3D Printing Zone Tools / Equipment=== 
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-  * promote the use of 3D printing technologies within the makerspace - software, hardware, and 3D printed products 
-  * showcase the makerspace'​s 3D printing 
-  * collect / adapt / develop a training curriculum 
-  * inventory and document printers on this page, linking to firmware, modified parts, etc. 
-  * create real-life FIXME tags, with a spot to write-in the issue, and a way to affix them to an item 
-  * organize group-purchase filament orders 
-  * establish a regular meeting schedule 
-  * establish LMN-purchased stock, which can be paid for per-print via Cura / Repetier cost estimation 
-  * purchase / install fast-heating bed heaters on all printers: http://​www.ebay.com/​itm/​like/​191353869307?​lpid=82 
-  * maintain two or more working 3D printers at all times. 
-===Ongoing Projects=== 
-  * 3D print a buildlog.net laser cutter rotational axis: http://​www.buildlog.net/​blog/​2011/​04/​open-source-rotational-adapter-part-1/​ 
-    * Progress: not started 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ download the assembly STEP file, and export each printed part into an STL http://​www.buildlog.net/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=rotational 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ print parts 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ assemble and install in laser, connect motor to electronics 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ modify laser cutter firmware for rotational axis 
-  * Get the Makerfarm printing reliably 
-    * Progress: Hot end installed and tested. ​ Extruding works! 
-      - Question: New hot end topped out at 206 degrees, is that a firmware issue? 
-    * Progress: Jerry Fahner: Longer (blue) probe arm installed, arm angles and offsets determined, firmware reflashed, test print completed. Standard MakerFarm thermister table used but seems to work OK. 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ Some tuning needed with Y-stop. The test print caused chatter when homing Y. 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ Fan over-cools hot end. A piece of tape on fan helped but a shroud is needed. Reversing fan may help. 
-    * Progress: [[user:​zimmer62:​start|Joe Zimmerman]]:​ soaked magma hotend in acetone, cleaned with fire, polished and is soaking again in the glass container. 
-  * Refurbish the solidoodle 2 3D printer 
-    * Looking for someone to help with the completion of this project. 
-    * Progress: [[user:​zimmer62:​start|Joe Zimmerman]] has started another design for laser-cut base to contain power supply, MEGA / Ramps, Solid State Relay, Terminal Block etc.  A mount for the electronics,​ and LCD also needs to be created, possibly into the front of the base. 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ laser cut a test to verify that the dimensions are correct, then laser cut the final version - ply? acrylic? 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ install power supply, electronics,​ LCD 
-    * FIXME (claimed): run motor and hotend wiring 
-       - A crimper and ends to put new ends on the motors and existing wiring are at the space. 
-       - The fan will need a DC-DC power step down converter which is on hand at the space, but needs to be set for 12volts 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ laser cut improved magnetic side walls 
-  * Build a [[https://​wolfmanjm.github.io/​wolfstock/​ | Wolfstock]] extra-large Delta 3D printer 
-    * Progress: Collecting parts 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ print two motor brackets 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ pull 3 NEMA-23 motors from the parts area 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ acquire makerslide 
-  * Improve the frame of the Rostock by replacing it's MDF with aluminum extrusion. ​ Some 3D printed parts may need to be replaced. 
-    * Progress: establish bill of materials 
-    * FIXME (unclaimed):​ print http://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​516447/​