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-=======Working Groups======= 
-Working groups are sets of people that have self-organized for the purpose of accomplishing a task or taken on longer-term responsibilities. Working Groups should coordinate their activities using the [[http://​groups.google.com/​forum/#​!forum/​lansing-makers-network|mailing list]] and [[Working Groups|this wiki]] for maximum transparency and to minimize potential conflicts with other working groups and stakeholders. For more information about how to set up and run your working group, please check out the [[Working Group Principles|guiding principles]]. 
-======Ongoing Groups====== 
-=====Electrical Upgrades Working Group===== 
-The [[Electrical Upgrades Working Group]] is concerned with upgrading the electrical AC at the space. 
-=====Infrastructure Working Group===== 
-The [[Infrastructure Working Group]] is concerned with upgrading and maintaining the network at the space. 
-=====Lansing Mini Maker Faire Working Group===== 
-The [[Lansing Mini Maker Faire Working Group]] is in the process of planning The Lansing Mini Maker-Faire for October, 2015. 
-=====New Space Committee===== 
-The [[New Space Committee]] is in charge of planning and executing the move to the new space. Activities include developing the floor plan and storage solutions, coordinating with our landlord on the build-out of the new space, and coordinating the actual move-in process. 
-=====Laser Cutter Working Group===== 
-The [[Laser Cutter Working Group]] maintains and upgrades the laser cutter and associated hardware. 
-=====Volunteers Working Group===== 
-The [[Volunteers Working Group]] is tasked with interfacing with and coordinating volunteers for various projects. 
-=====Artemis Working Group===== 
-The [[Artemis Working Group]] is tasked with restoring, maintaining and improving the bridge simulator. 
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