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-{{:​wiki:​lmn_logo_final.png?​200 |}} 
-The Lansing Makers Network exists to bring diverse people, experiences,​ and ideas together in a safe environment;​ to meld technology, art, and culture in new and exciting ways; to share skills, tools, and inspiration;​ and to marvel at what we make together. 
-  * [[meetings:​|Upcoming/​Past Meetings]] 
-=====Open Hours===== 
-We do our best to maintain open hours and hold regular events to make it convenient to check out the space and find out how to become a member. ​ We're an all-volunteer member-run non-profit, so that can sometimes be challenging.  ​ 
-These hours are when our members are holding open hours. ​ These hours are likely to be in flux, so please, check here before planning a visit. ​ It's not a bad idea to send a message to the [[http://​groups.google.com/​forum/#​!forum/​lansing-makers-network|mailing list]] to be sure plans haven'​t changed, or let someone know you're planning to stop by. 
-We're often open outside of these times as well.  www.lansingmakersnetwork.org shows if the open switch at the space has been flipped (top-left corner, under the logo). 
-  * Monday 
-  * Tuesday 
-  * Wednesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm 
-  * Thursday ​ 
-  * Friday 
-  * Saturday ​ 1:00pm - 7:00pm 
-  * Sunday 
-Members, if you're able to schedule regular hours at the space, add yourself to the list, please!