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-=====List of materials needed to build/open our space ======+=====Donation Wish-List===== 
 +Lansing Makers Network has a [[policies:​gift_acceptance_policy|gift acceptance policy]] which governs what items we will/will not accept as donations. 
 +This list includes items that are being specifically sought for the makerspace, most donations of equipment or tools are considered. ​ Please feel free to contact us at info@lansingmakersnetwork.org (PLEASE include pictures of your items if at all possible) to inquire about the possibility of a donation. Some items don't add enough value to the makerspace for us to accept outright. ​ If the item is indeed an item we're unable to accept, we **may** be able to help direct you to a group that would accept it or a place to recycle.
 (Hopefully organized roughly by category) (Hopefully organized roughly by category)
 +  * Tables & Work Surfaces
 +  * Vertical Milling Machine (Bridgeport or the like)
 +  * Toolroom Lathe
 +  * MIG Welding Equipment
 +  * Drum Sander
 +  * NEWER computers (less than 2-3 years old)
 +=====Items we (probably) DON'T Need=====
 +  * Computers over 5-years old.
 +  * CRT Monitors
 +  * Construction / Demolition scrap (unused, quality lumber or metals are the exception)