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 +===2/​19/​2016 ​ @ 6:00pm Meeting Minutes===
 +  * Meeting called to order: 6:22pm
 +  * Carl Raymond delivered a treasurer'​s report
 +    * Heating Bill $305
 +    * Membership numbers 31, with 4 late payers, 3 of which are accounted for.
 +    * Discussion was had regarding adding a membership coordinator position to interface with members including collecting of dues
 +  * Presidents report
 +    * Deferred to other agenda items.
 +  * Woodshop Electrical & Buildout
 +    * Joe Z.: Woodshop needs more electrical around workspace
 +    * Joe Z.: Will form workgroup and present proposal to board.
 +    * Carl L.: Interested in joining workgroup
 +    * Brian A.: No objections, make it happen.
 +  * Discussion was had around working groups
 +    * Suggested creation of a electrical updates working group.
 +      * Joe Z. will get it started and hopefully have a plan to present at the next meeting
 +  * Discussion of upcoming E.L. Steam Day
 +    * Brian A.: Still talking with E.L. Robotics about using the space for their robotics club.
 +    * Brian A.: Saturday March 12th they are holding a fundraiser event.
 +    * Brian A.: Need to figure out what LMN will be presenting at the event.  ​
 +    * Brian A.: Should probably be part of a larger conversation about LMN's involvment at outside events
 +  * Discussion of changes/​additions to membership levels
 +    * Rose C-K.: Bringing up the suggestion of adding a punch card style membership where members would pay an amount for a certain number of visits to LMN.
 +    * Brian A.: Concerned about needing SOPs and Member Orientations solidified before opening membership to casual memberships
 +    * Joe Z.: Suggests that casual members perhaps may not have the benefit of member storage or parking passes.
 +    * Brian A.: In support of the idea if we can make a concerted effort to get SOPs and training in place more broadly.
 +  * Discussion about open hours
 +    * Brian A.: How do we make open hours better?
 +    * Brian A.: Should we do a fix-it-Friday type event similar to MakerWorks
 +    * Mike F.: Concerned about potentital liability for items incorrectly fixed.
 +    * Brian A.: Would need to direct making repairs to not repair certain items (heaters, microwaves, etc)
 +    * Brian A.: Generally need to increase the amount and variety of events happening at the space and potentially connect them as open hours.
 +  * Discussion was had regarding new meeting day/time.
 +    * For the time being, meetings will be 3rd Sundays of each month at 1:00pm.
 +    * Work session will remain 1st Friday'​s at 6:00pm.
 +  * Meeting adjourned without objection.