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 +Treasurer'​s Report - 
 +     Bank Balance: $15736.94
 +President Report : Deferred to other agenda items
 +Space Report:
 +     New door code
 +     ​Possible changing of the layout
 +     Door has a crash bar but does have a mortise latch.
 +     Brian will look at motise latches.
 +     Al is rekeying for a master key setup.
 +     Still water on the floor under the machine shop, Al knows it on his list.
 +     ​Damaged window panes have been replaced.
 +     One window in the common area remains to be replaced.
 +     ​Waiting on confirmation from Al that permits have been closed.
 +Jerry and Brian recapped the Makerspace bootcamp @ Makerworks.
 +Brian showed the Trello board and added everyone to it.
 +Laser cutter SOP
 +     Brian has put together the initial version of the Laser SOP
 +     Ready to teach a class as soon as someone can walk through a test run of the class.
 +     Rose suggested that changing the color on the front could be a good way to indicate a revision.
 +LMN Visioning ​   ​
 +     Brian shared the general process for how to vision, what our process will be for drafting an LMN vision. ​   ​
 +     ​Everyone will /draft/ their personal vision for LMN and share it by Monday, October 26th
 +     ​We'​ll discuss and share commonalities on each other'​s vision at the next board work session: Nov 2nd.
 +B&N MMF:
 +     Need Flyers and Pamplets
 +     Need demos / or things.
 +     ​Dinosaur cut.
 +     Need more things to leave there we don't worry about leaving.
 +Makey Makey Day:
 +     Robot pumpkin LED makey.
 +     This Thursday, 4:30 - 6:30
 +     Carl is working on a Makey Makey banana project.