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 +Dec 16, 2014 meeting of the Lansing Makers Network Board of Directors \\
 +Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm
 +Present: B. Adams, J. Applegate, R. Koning(remote),​ C. Raymond, N. Kwiatkowski,​ M. Flaga, Jasmine O. \\
 +Absent: none
 +Chair: B. Adams  \\
 +Secretary: R. Schott
 +B.Adams called for approval of the previous meeting'​s minutes
 +  * Minutes were approved with no objections
 +C. Raymond gave a Finance Committee report
 +N. Kwiatkowski and J. Applegate gave a Space Committee report
 +B. Adams gave a President'​s report
 +B. Adams: ​ Michigan Creative for sponsorship
 +B. Adams: Board self-evaluation survey
 +C. Blohm: State of the Space
 +  * B. Adams volunteered to investigate a potential lighting conversion program for the new space.
 +  * B. Adams and J. Applegate will work with landlord to get more information on build schedule.
 +J. Applegate moved to adjourn the meeting.
 +With no further business, the meeting was concluded at 8:43pm