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-Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm 
-Present: B. Adams, J. Applegate, M. Flaga, N. Kwiatkowski,​ Jasmine O. C. Raymond, ​ 
-Absent: R. Koning 
-Chair: B. Adams 
-Secretary: R. Schott 
-B. Adams called for approval of the minutes 
-  * Motion CARRIED with no objections and the minutes were approved 
-C. Raymond gave a treasurer'​s report 
-Discussed the most recent quotes for liability insurance 
-B. Adams called for a vote on accepting the current insurance quote 
-  * PASSED with no objections 
-Discussed Board Proposal 021 - Establish procedures for BOARD email voting 
-  * It was unanimously agreed to amend the proposal as such: 
-    * The draft period will be 5 full days 
-    * The voting period will be 5 full days 
-B. Adams called for a vote on proposal 021 as amended 
-  * Proposal was APPROVED unanimously 
-Discussed possibility of Zone Commissioners/​Stewards/​Wardens 
-  * It was agreed that we should adopt this position and solicit volunteers 
-  * B. Adams will draft a list of suggested responsibilities for the position 
-With no further business, B. Adams moved to adjourn. 
-With no objections, the meeting was adjourned at 7:​32pm ​