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 +Meeting was called to order at 7:06pm
 +Present: B. Adams, R. Schott, M. Flaga, N. Kwiatkowski,​ C. Raymond
 +Absent: Jasmine O.
 +B. Adams called for any amendments to the agenda
 +  * None were proposed
 +B. Adams called for approval of the meeting agenda
 +  * Seconded by N. Kwiatkowski
 +  * With no objections, the agenda was approved.
 +C. Raymond called for approval of the 08/06/2013 minutes
 +  * Seconded by B. Adams
 +  * With no objections, the minutes were approved.
 +Officers Reports
 +  * C. Raymond gave a treasurer'​s report
 +  * R. Schott
 +  * B. Adams gave a president'​s report
 +    * Discussed liability insurance quotes
 +M. Flaga proposed authorizing reservation of a table at Lansing Model Railroad Club Train Show & Sale 2014 for $22.
 +  * With no objections, proposal was passed.
 +M. Flaga proposed approving signature of a contract between LMN and Capital Area District Library for conducting a take-apart clinic.
 +  * With no objections, proposal was approved.
 +With no other business,C. Raymond moved to adjourn the meeting.
 +Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm