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 +Meeting called to order: 7:03
 +Directors in attendance: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]], [[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]], [[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]], [[user:​tim:​start|T. Schmidt]] (via Skype), [[user:​quetwo:​start|N. Kwiatkowski]]
 +Chair: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]\\
 +Secretary: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]
 +:NOTE: Action items in bold.
 +===Discussion of MSU Science Festival===
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Do we have things to fill the space?\\
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Unless we have something school kid related, don't use the Friday times.\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Send email to list asking for projects.**\\
 +===Leaseway Space===
 +[[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]]: Concerns over time required to abate.\\
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Windows are a plus.\\
 +General: Industrial location is a good thing. ​ Fewer roadblocks to activities.\\
 +General: Talk to the legal contacts we've made and see if we need more help.\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Get actual square footage.**\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​quetwo:​start|C. Raymond]]: Internet/​Phone/​Security estimates/​information**\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]]: Begin investigating insurance. (Unavailable to start until after Feb. 1st. [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]] will start process and hand off).**\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]/​[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Will begin negotiating lease.**\\
 +===Treasurer'​s Report===
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Will provide 2012 financial report at next meeting.\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Will contact i3detroit to get a copy of their IRS1023**\\
 +Adjourned: 8:01