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 +Meeting called to order: 7:10
 +In attendance: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]], [[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]], [[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]], [[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]], [[user:​tim:​start|T. Schmidt]], [[user:​rschott:​start|R. Schott]]
 +Chair: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]
 +Secretary: [[user:​tim:​start|T. Schmidt]]
 +:NOTE: Action items in bold.
 +[[user:​wreality:​start| B. Adams]]: Motion to approve agenda\\
 +Agenda approved.
 +[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Call for approval of [[20121003
 +Minutes|10-03-2012 Minutes]]\\
 +Minutes approved (unanimous)
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: 3 T-shirts sold.\\
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Waiting on Oct. membership dues\\
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Balance $900 \\
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Met with [[user:​quetwo:​start|N.
 +Kwiatkowski]] and started work on form 1023 for 501c3 application in google docs.
 +**Action::​[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]:​** Fill out paperwork on the assumption that LMN will not accept donations such as cars, boats, or planes. ​ Attempt that paperwork last.
 +[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Draft consignment equipment agreement in google docs.
 +[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Report on Michigan Ave. Looked over business plan, will submit alongside new financial projection, using i3 detroit'​s utility bills as a reference.\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]:** Submit business plan \\
 +[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Report on MSU SBNP Clinic\\
 +RESOLVED: Retain the SBNP Clinic to draft a liability waiver.\\
 +RESOLVED: Retain the SBNP Clinic to draft an indemnification policy limited to two pages.
 +[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Start conversation with hosmer, kalamazoo, and bean buildings.\\
 +**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]/​[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]/​[[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]]/​[[user:​zik:​start|E.
 +Symanzik]]:​** Get numbers and a proposal ready for each.
 +[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Meeting at the Genesee School: 831 W. Genesee, at 2:30pm on Wed 10-24-2012.
 +**Action::​[[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]]:** Get LMN details to school superintendent.
 +[[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]]: Has arranged for an LMN booth at a model railroad convention.
 +RESOLVED: $22 booth expenses approved.
 +Adjourned: 8:40