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-Meeting called to order: 7:14 
-In attendance: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]], [[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]], [[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]], [[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]], [[user:​oj:​start|Jasminbe. O.]], [[user:​rschott:​start|R. Schott]] 
-Chair: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]] 
-Secretary: [[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]] 
-:NOTE: Action items in bold. 
-[[user:​wreality:​start| B. Adams]]: Motion to approve agenda\\ 
-Agenda approved. 
-[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Call for approval of [[20120919 Minutes|09-19-2012 Minutes]]\\ 
-Minutes approved (unanimous) 
-[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: T-shirts coming. Donation boxes purchased.\\ 
-[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: New numbers: monthly: $450, rent: $900\\ 
-[[user:​carlraymond:​start|C. Raymond]]: Balance still $699 \\ 
-[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Report on conference call with Meghan Koven, School Factory (Carl & Brian)\\ 
-**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]:** Check in about brochure approval. 
-[[user:​oj:​start|Jasmine. O.]]: Report on Michigan Ave. \\ 
-**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]:** Check in with David Berger. \\ 
-[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Shared MSU SBNP Clinic retainer for review.\\ 
-RESOLVED: Sign agreement, setup initial consultation. ​ Ed, Carl, Brian interested in attending. 
-[[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]]: Business plan update and progress. ​ Discussion of how to get it done.\\ 
-**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]/​[[user:​zik:​start|E. Symanzik]]:​** Business plan.  Will determine deadline. 
-[[user:​mflaga:​start|M. Flaga]]: Zoning info updates. ​ \\ 
-**Action::​ALL:​** Review zoning uses page and provide suggestions ([[:​principal_permitted_uses_policy|Link]]) 
-[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Groups contact list / Report on Lansing Inventors Network meeting \\ 
-**Action::​ALL:​** Review contact assignments page and take on a few groups. 
-[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]: Maketoberfest:​ Brian will send email detailing setup and stuff. \\ 
-**Action:​[[user:​carlraymond:​start| C. Raymond]]:​** Sandwich board, B. Adams will make logo to apply to it. \\ 
-**Action::​[[user:​wreality:​start|B. Adams]]:** Send out postcard PDF \\ 
-Adjourned: 8:22