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-<​code>​ +This is a work in progress: https://​docs.google.com/​document/​d/​1NZ1hstPjHj8TA4NiU9cXVM58bsLfflWyo_JgxvNHyZs/​edit
-Between _________________________ (print your first and last name) and Lansing Makers Network, NFP, [insert address here] ("​LMN"​).+
-By signing this statement, I acknowledge that LMN is dangerous place and I agree to HOLD HARMLESS LMN, its officers, and its directors.+Based on form from the Michigan State University John & Marnie Demmer Shooting Sports Education & Training Center with additions from the i3detroit form.
-Initials________+Sent email to demmer@msu.edu requesting permission to copy their form. 
 +Permission granted: 
 +> Sure, no worries. ​ You may use our Release of Liability document. 
 +> Michael V. Galella
-I understand that I am responsible for properly monitoring and labeling anything I bring to LMN and that LMN is not responsible ​for any lost, damaged, or stolen property. +  * 2013-04-06: Draft sent to insurance folks for input.
- +
-Initials: ________ +
- +
-I affirm that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I am mentally competent to sign this release. +
- +
-Initials: ________ +
- +
-Name: ___________________________________________________ +
-Address: ___________________________________________________ +
-Phone number: ___________________________________________________ +
-Email address: ___________________________________________________ +
-Emergency contact name: ___________________________________________________ +
-Emergency contact phone: ___________________________________________________ +
-Emergency contact relationship:​ ___________________________________________________ +
- +
-Signature: ___________________________________________________ +
-Date: ___________________________________________________ +
-</​code>​ +
-Based on a form used by i3Detroit.+