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 +---- datatemplateentry equipment ----
 +template ​     : templates:​equipment
 +picture ​      : :​equipment:​sf303d.jpg
 +zone          : Electronics
 +name          : Hot Air Rework Station
 +manufacturer ​ : Sparkfun
 +model         : 303D
 +manual ​       : :​equipment:​sf-303d:​manual.pdf
 +memberlevel ​  : Coder/​Crafter
 +owner         : Carl Raymond
 +type          : Hot Air Rework Station
 +status_ ​      : Operational
 +This hot-air rework station is great for professionals and hobbyists in need of tight temperature tolerances and large air flows. This unit displays a digital readout of the actual air temperature with a flow rate of up to 23L per minute. This very powerful unit can be used for multiple applications including standard SMD reflow/​repair/​removal,​ thermal IC stress testing, thermoplastic welding, and shrink-wrapping.
 +===Contacts for training==
 +  * Carl Raymond
 +  * Mike Flaga
 +===Maintenance Log===